Mimi started with Stratus in 2009, gracefully balancing a full time college career and part-time role as Stratus’ Finance Manager. Now a proud college graduate with a B.S. in Accounting, Mimi works full time as the Director of Finance. Her extensive CPA experience with businesses in the Philadelphia area and diligent focus on continuing education has built her solid foundation as our “numbers girl.” Mimi stops at nothing to keep our accounts and our clients happy, on-time, and up-to-date. An Excel spreadsheet master, Mimi has a reputation for hosting impromptu Finance meetings to ensure that the Stratus team is operating in optimal fashion. Her razor-sharp monitoring of all financial activities plays a vital role in the long-term success and growth of our firm.

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I’m a Chief Thinker. I stabalize the financial health of Stratus by managing everything from cash flow to P&L to forecasting. By tackling issues before they arise through company financial planning and analysis, managing company tools, keeping government standards, and revenue goal setting, I’m ensuring that our staff and our client accounts are always operating optimally.