In life I crave relationships and honest connections with people – I use this unwavering need for human interaction to make Stratus Interactive a strong, growing and culture-focused agency.  When I see an opportunity to educate, guide or solve, my strategic wheels start turning-  challenge accepted.  Since stepping through Stratus’ doors as a Sr. Account Exec back in January 2012, my goal has been to absorb, adopt, collaborate, listen and create for the purpose of making our clients happy and prospects intrigued. Good-enough is never enough and I love helping Stratus build a culture that strives to be better and more authentic every single day.  I’m proud to say I’m fully HubSpot certified and actively engaged in growing Stratus’ HubSpot Platinum Partner status.

New business development and account strategy are my two areas of focus and I’ll go to my grave undecided on which I love more!  The feeling of helping a prospect understand how we can solve their pain and problems and make them successful is beyond-fulfilling, but then again, the feeling of collaborating on a strategic plan and seeing it produce measurable results is a thrill all its own.  I’m so grateful to work for an agency like Stratus that allows my individual and professional strengths to thrive instead of having to choose between these two great loves!

Before Stratus I spent 8 years in sports advertising sales, financial sales and marketing, and relationship management at corporations and private institutions across the country (I’ve moved a grand total of 33 times to date!).  These experiences taught me that my professional fulfillment relies on genuine human interaction, inspiring confidence in clients and doing my best to help others.  And I live that life at Stratus.

Besides my Stratus life, I have one awesome husband, one crazy dog and two adorable kiddos who keep me permanently on the go!  I’m a wine enthusiast (as in I love drinking wine), mildly-obsessive photo-taker and photo-album maker, and I get abnormally excited about grey, cloudy days. Trying new foods and really just eating in general gets me giddy and having spontaneous weekends with no plans or obligations is my happy place.

I hope I have a chance to build a relationship with you and your company sometime soon – feel free to call, social or email me anytime!

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As Vice President and Chief Thinker, I explore and solidify new business opportunities while also leading strategic initiatives that lay a solid foundation for our clients’ growth and success. When clients are confident in our plan and believe in our commitment to their goals we develop a trust-factor that drives long-term relationships. I focus on helping our team internalize the clients’ goals, ensuring our creative and strategic output delivers quality, education, and value to our clients’ customers. The result is a transformed sales process where buyers don’t feel “sold to”, but instead communicated with, authentically, and on their terms. Not only does this make the Internet a better place for our clients’ buyers, it makes selling much less slimy.