Lauren Welshans oversees all design and junior designers to ensure everything that leaves this office is up to our ridiculously high standards—and if it’s not, she gets it there. Lauren’s website design and development skills are second to none, and with full-fledged experience in print, branding, and interactive design, Lauren’s a threat across the board. And when she’s not designing, Lauren enjoys spending time with her husband, and the two new additions: her kitten Feta and puppy Riley.

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I’m a Lead Creator. In my role, I design and develop marketing materials requested by our clients. My passion is designing user friendly, easy to understand, eye-catching materials that align with our clients’ goals so that their ultimate customers will easily find the information they’re looking for and quickly understand the services and value our clients provide. When I create assets with the clients’ goals and user’s needs in mind, prospects are more likely to become qualified leads and new customers for our clients.