Kymberly is CEO of Stratus Interactive but that really doesn’t say much about her does it? At the core and fiber of Kym’s existence is an innate ability to understand, empathize, internalize, simplify and take action. This uncommon blend of skills gives Stratus’ clients confidence, peace of mind and the motivation to be bold in their quest for success.  Kym has spent years cultivating an agency and culture designed to achieve the simple yet profound mission she’s so passionate about:

“To be the best at helping companies market, sell and grow, in the most authentic way possible through sales and marketing”

She has a fire to create genuine and transparent relationships with her team, Stratus’ clients, her family and friends. That piece about authenticity in our mission- yep, that’s legit. It’s what Kym is all about. She’ll jump up and down, ringing bells and give hugs when something deserves celebration but doesn’t shy away from an honest heart-to-heart when challenging conversations are necessary. It’s one of the reasons Stratus is growing every year- gangbusters style.

Oh, and it’s probably worth mentioning that Kym is an award-winning graphic designer and strategic marketer, a certified webmaster, admitted technology junkie and successful series entrepreneur. She currently owns two businesses- Stratus, a full service digital marketing agency and a family-friendly micro-brewery/brewpub called Boxcar Brewpub, also in West Chester, PA.

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I am the CEO and a Chief Creator/Thinker. I strive to change the world of Marketing as we know it today. I do this by developing strategies that change the way people buy and sell products and services. My role at Stratus is to create the most valuable customer experience possible, but first I must prove to our clients that we can in fact deliver and exceed expectations. I believe that if I internalize what makes our clients remarkable, I can then help the Stratus team build and develop authentic marketing strategies that will not only drive leads and sales but also attract the clients’ customers like a magnet. My hope is to use what is unique and remarkable about our clients to create an honest “shopping” experience between sellers and buyers in the 21st century.