The Exit Store, which sells exit and emergency lighting directly to end-user customers, approached Stratus with the vision that it could greatly benefit from a website redesign initiative and become the sole destination for end-user product purchases. Before undertaking any new website initiative, our job as an agency was to take into account The Exit Store’s extensive product line and programmable variable complexities, to determine the best eCommerce platform. Before working tirelessly through five phases, Stratus decided BigCommerce was the best route to go and began by developing and defining the company’s buyer personas, which served as the basis for all design and development decisions moving forward.

The next order of business was nailing down a solid user experience, with organized content, consistency, purpose and of course, a swift and user-friendly purchase process. Our goal from the get go was to arm The Exit Store team with the knowledge required to take charge of their own website upon completion, allowing frequent and easy changes on the platform when necessary for pricing, new features, product descriptions, etc. All in all, the website redesign was a huge success and The Exit Store was thoroughly impressed with their new website’s superior flexibility. Take a look for yourself.

The Exit Store website

The Exit Store Homepage

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The Exit Store product page