The American College of Financial Services (The College) is a prestigious and accredited institution of higher learning providing financial education for Securities, Banking, & Insurance Professionals.  Since opening its doors in 1927, The College has developed a reputation for excellence, unparallelled faculty and ultimate support for financial and insurance professionals who wish to advance their career and industry knowledge.  

Though The College has helped and graduated tens of thousands of professionals over the last 80+ years, they want to elevate their mission and outreach even further. Enter Stratus. As with any client, but especially The College who has such an intricate and nuanced buyer persona, we began our engagement by developing personas for three unique target clients and from there created a lead- generation focused strategic content plan that leverages a powerful combination of organic and paid traffic initiatives, blogging, social media, ebooks, white papers, automated workflows, smarketing and sales enablement processes.

By intimately internalizing the needs, goals and challenges of their buyers, we’ve successfully built and execute a plan that is generating and nurturing quality leads for their internal sales team to more authentically and easily close as new students.

Additionally, Stratus works closely with the web designer they hired prior to beginning our marketing engagement with a goal of ensuring the site’s onpage SEO (h1s, title tags, alt tags, URLs etc) complement the sales generation strategy we implement for them.

Our relationship with The College showcases how a sophisticated business with a more sophisticated customer can harness the power of a targeted and integrated marketing strategy- with ease, efficiency and elegance.  We treasure this partnership and look forward to many years of success and growth with The College!