Website Creation & INBOUND MARKETING

Substitute Teacher Service (STS) is the largest employer and provider of substitute teachers and paraprofessionals in Pennsylvania. Their goal is to provide client school districts with the professional and support personnel they need, when they need them. The concept is absolutely brilliant and Stratus was eager to take them on and work as partners. For us, being a partner means understanding a vision, crafting a strategy, nailing the execution and owning the results….and that’s exactly the route Stratus forewent to achieve the goals STS had envisioned.

Our first order of business was creating a kick-ass inbound marketing strategy that included SEO optimization, emails, blogging and more. We also redesigned their brand logo, followed by the branding of brochures, banners and promotional materials for job fairs. Lastly, we stepped out of the box to write a killer TV Commercial Script that thoroughly boiled down the message of STS to its essence. Have a peek: