Inbound Marketing & Advertising #SuccessStory

Prior to coming on board with Stratus, The Pennsylvania College of Art & Design (PCA&D) already had a beautiful website in place, however, most of their pages lacked metadata, had little to no organic search traffic and on-page conversions, and relied heavily on conventional marketing tactics to attract new students.

PCA&D enlisted Stratus to rejuvenate its advertising programs and develop a turnkey inbound marketing methodology that would reflect their vibrant, forward thinking university culture.

This process began with extensive market research to define the needs, pain points and values of PCA&D’s core buyer personas. After we segmented these groups, we developed and rolled out a thorough content strategy that included blogging, offers, social media, strategic call-to-action (CTA) placement, SEO strategy, and email campaigns. A focused blend of these efforts paired with great team communication was a proven recipe for driving traffic and increasing leads. At Stratus, we are strong believers in the inbound marketing methodology and we were confident this strategy would help achieve and succeed PCA&D’s goals. Well, we’re happy to say the school is believer now too!




Stratus Interactive has lead our team at Pennsylvania College of Art & Design through the adoption and implementation of inbound marketing strategies that are expanding our reach in ways traditional media cannot match. The professionals at Stratus are smart, down-to-earth and results oriented…and they understand the constraints of a small budget. Organic interest in our programs is on the rise and new student enrollment in both our degree and continuing education programs is growing…great partners!

Barbara Elliot
Director of Enrollment Planning
Pennsylvania College of Art & Design