ICETEC, an organization that offers software applications focused on the Energy marketplace, had a high priority to invest in further technology development. However, there was also an immediate need to drive more traffic to their website with the intended goal of generating quality leads. When the project began, Google’s 4/20 mobile-friendly search engine algorithm update was quickly approaching and ICETEC’s existing website was not mobile-responsive, which could have significantly penalized them in mobile search results had they not made the decision to redesign.

Stratus designed and developed a user-friendly website with a logical navigation and conversion focus that served as the foundation of their sales process, ultimately enhancing ICETEC’s brand perception and credibility in the marketplace. Stratus also focused on optimizing their website for search engines and equipped ICETEC with the most rock solid SEO foundation possible. And finally, we presented them with 5 new logo design concepts of their choice for use on their beautiful new website and other branded assets. Take a look for yourself:

ICETEC Website

ICETEC how it works infographic


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ICETEC plant infographic

ICETEC Homepage

ICETEC Solutions page

ICETEC process work