A website for the largest community of US-based, academic-level subspecialty radiologists in the world.

What happens when a startup with the tenacity of a famished lion and vision to change the world meets an integrated marketing firm with a mission to be the best at helping companies market, sell, and grow in the most authentic way possible? MAGIC. Yep, we’re in the magic business people! And, the best part is that the success DocPanel has achieved in just six short months is no illusion!

DocPanel has built a revolutionary and modern alternative to traditional teleradiology in the form of an online, academic-level, subspecialty radiology marketplace. Say that ten times fast. Their goal is to simplify the process and remove the barriers associated with accessing quality, subspecialty radiologists for patients and imaging providers. It’s not an easy mission. But it’s a bold one, and we are so excited to be part of their journey and success.

DocPanel needed everything to launch into the market — a website, brand refinement, a custom, HIPPA-friendly portal that connects patients, imaging providers and reading radiologists, PPT decks, printed and digital sales materials, lead gen content, campaigns, trade show assets, strategy, SEO, paid social advertising, sales process, CRM, PPC, HubSpot — you name it, we’re helping DocPanel do it.

This is one of those beautiful examples of a client who is open-minded to experimentation, testing, agility, and directional changes as needed. DocPanel elevates “failure is not an option” to a whole new level and that’s a powerful combination with our experience, commitment to internalizing our clients, and ability to execute a fully integrated marketing plan.

Every day brings new wins, new challenges, and new opportunities for DocPanel and we have a feeling 2018 is going to be kinda’ tremendous for them. Stay tuned!

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