Responsive WordPress Website Forges New Opportunities for Healthcare Company

Cquence Health Group (CQuence) is the parent company to Cassling, Ensocare, and a portfolio of other healthcare companies that help their customers drive better operational and patient outcomes through exceptional products, services, and support. CQuence came to Stratus looking for an online destination to showcase their culture, personality, and credibility as well as the benefits of working for them. Stratus rose to the challenge and delivered a fully optimized website built to capture maximum lead-generating and conversion opportunities. CQuence uses an electronic application technology called Newton, so we designed a responsive WordPress website that integrates flawlessly with this platform.

This website offers a logical, fully functional and aesthetically pleasing user experience for all job seekers and applicants. Smart integration with social media platforms, especially LinkedIn, was critical, so we aligned the new site with the latest recruitment standards. We designed, developed and launched the website in only 3 months, but didn’t stop there. We continually optimized the website, creating a vibrant, indispensable, 24/7 sales and marketing tool. This visually stunning, goal-driven website is helping CQuence accelerate business growth and seize new opportunities! Check it out below:

CQuence Health Group Website

CQuence Job Listing integration with Newton

CQuence illustration of partner companies