Strategic Graphic Design Fuels

PartnerConnex2016 Success.

CoreDial and Stratus Interactive go way back. CoreDial, a leading cloud communications SaaS platform provider, enables their partners to successfully sell, deliver, manage and invoice for cloud communications services all under their own brand. Committed to giving their partners every possible opportunity to grow, CoreDial decided to host their first ever all-partner conference, PartnerConnex2016, in April 2016. With less than 3 months to plan, develop and launch the event, CoreDial enlisted the help of Stratus Interactive to design all marketing materials, conference assets and digital promotion for this soon-to-be annual event.

This project was a significant artistic undertaking— all deliverables had to be turned around in under 3 months! But, like CoreDial is dedicated to their partners’ success, Stratus is devoted to the growth and success of its clients. So with a fire to succeed for CoreDial, Stratus accepted the challenge and got to work on this awesome new event.

We are proud of the result and CoreDial was thrilled- PartnerConnex2016 showcased bright, invigorating exhibit hall designs, sleekly branded signage, crisp booth graphics, sweet promotional gear like t-shirts, and high-quality printed conference materials. In addition to the exhibit hall design, we developed a show guide listing the full agenda for conference attendees, as well as the logistical must-haves like name badges, brochures, and maps.

For each design, we considered what CoreDial partners would want to see when walking through the conference and picking up any print materials. We created a consistent branding experience by considering technology and communications during the entire design process.

We also created all digital assets for PartnerConnex 2016, including a content-rich and engaging responsive microsite. We designed emails, landing pages and social media posts directly in HubSpot and monitored their engagement results.

We’re happy to report that the first PartnerConnex was a huge success! Hosting over 200 partners, PartnerConnex2016 engaged, inspired and educated CoreDial’s partner community on new products, services and programs. Attendees left feeling energized and ready to take their business to the next level, and they were impressed by the conference’s slick design and professional atmosphere.

PartnerConnex2016 was a whirlwind, fire-in-our-belly kind of effort that resulted in a collaborative masterpiece and we’re excited to spearhead the marketing and design for this event for years to come! We look forward to helping CoreDial prepare for more conferences, and we’re confident the success of the first show will drive more attendees and bigger goals for future events!