COS Website Redesign and Inbound Marketing Initiative

Boxcar Brewpub is our little pride and joy. It may be because Stratus CEO and Boxcar owner are both co-founders, but also because who doesn’t love talking about beer? Boxcar, located in West Chester PA, started in 2007 as merely a brewery distributor. Their vision was to create a community-oriented company that brewed fine crafted beer designed to be enjoyed with family and friends. It didn’t take long for Boxcar to acknowledge that in order to fulfill their vision, they needed to open a brewpub.

In this past year, Boxcar Brewpub opened their doors right next to Stratus Interactive. With a very outdated website and limited marketing, Stratus moved their current site to HubSpot, where we uplifted ALL content and gave it a redesign – then that’s when the fun started. We pushed out extensive promotions to get their wheels turning, created weekly emails, landing pages, daily social media posts, blog posts and more that have truly made an impact on Boxcar’s success today. If you’re local, come have a beer!